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Understanding Your Puppy

Foundations of Puppy Training: Understanding, Respect, and Freedom

This is a FREE ebook and is arguably the most important ebook that I have written. We live in a world where we don't have to understand much of anything. If your microwave stops working you don't fix it you throw it away and get a new one thus you don't have to understand how a microwave works. If your car stops working you don't have to know how to fix it because you can drop it off at a shop and they'll fix it for you so you don't have to know how a car works.

You do have to understand dogs in order to live with them. Why? Because unlike a microwave I assume that you don't just want any old dog you want the dog that currently have so you need to understand how to prevent and/or deal with problem issues that can and will arise. Unlike a car you can't just drop a dog off with a trainer then get the dog back and it behaves completely differently. 

When YOU own a dog in the end it is up to YOU to make sure you and your dog are happy and on the same page there is no replacement and there is no mechanic* for you dog.

*dog trainers are very helpful as they can take all of the trial and error out of living a dog however it is still up to you to implement the knowledge. Whereas a mechanic can just do everything for you and you never even have to look under the hood.

In this ebook, you'll learn:

  • the three foundations for building a lasting relationship with your pooch, so that you and your dog live a happy, healthy, and safe life
  • how your behavior impacts your puppy, so that you and your puppy can communicate effectively
  • common qualities of puppies, which will help you achieve your training goals and avoid issue behaviors
  • a new glimpse into the mind of your puppy, so that you can finally understand why your puppy does certain things  and why training is so important

The lessons in this book benefit puppy, adolescent, and adult dogs. Don't think that you're out of luck if you're looking for help with your maturing dog.

A little snippet from the book...

People often ask me what the most common cause of behavioral issues is in dogs. This has been a tricky question, since dogs are all individuals with their own individual needs. I was never quite sure how to answer that question.

Until now. 

While it’s true that there are many different triggers for behavioral issues in our four legged-family members, these triggers typically originate from the same place – puppyhood.

How often do you find yourself blaming your current behavior on your parents, or your schooling, or your peer group as a child? It is not uncommon to say the cause of our current issues in life is because of something we went through as a child. However, all too often we turn around and set a poor example for our puppies. We provide them with little to no education about the world they live in and we either don’t give them a peer group at all or don’t do a very good job selecting appropriate playmates.

If you claim to love your new puppy like a child, then you need to raise it like you would raise a child, which means leading by example, providing education (obedience), and selecting appropriate playmates (socialization with humans and dogs).