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Training Treats

Natural Balance Food Rolls

Food rolls such as these Natural Balance food rolls are ideal for training our dogs. You can cut the treat to any size, dogs love the taste, and its dog food not a dog treat so you don't have to worry about your puppy not eating dinner after training because they ate their dinner while they were training.

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Happy Howie's Food Rolls

Happy Howie's Food Rolls like all food rolls are great for training because they can be cut up into any size you like and dogs go crazy for them. What makes Happy Howie's Food Rolls different than other food rolls is the fact that they don't leave any sticky treat residue on your hands. 

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Wilderness Food Rolls

Wilderness Food Rolls are another healthy, and tasty food roll that I like to use for training dogs. This food roll comes with all of the same benefits that Natural Balance food rolls come with.