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Training Books

My Smart Puppy

My Smart Puppy is one of the best dog training books on the market. I would recommend it to every dog and puppy owner. 

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Merle's Door

Merle's Door is a great book about a dog named Merle who lives in a National Forest near Yellow Stone National Park. Merles owner Ted Kerasote does a terrific job describing Merle and why Merle does everything that he does. This book is a very entertaining way to learn about dogs as it is a relatable biography about Merle that has lots of great scientific information sprinkled throughout the book to help explain dogs in general or Merles behavior in particular.

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Dogology isn't your everyday dog training book. In this book you'll learn your dog owner personality type as well as the pros and cons that come along with this personality type. You'll learn what dog breeds and personality types you should and should not own so as to bring out the best in you and your dog. You'll learn what dog training styles you'll be prone to enjoying as well as what training styles your personality type won't enjoy. The reality is if you have a dog that needs training or are thinking of getting a dog this should probably be the first "dog training book" that you read.

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