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Red Kongs

When used correctly Kongs are one of the best toys that you can give your dog. 

I recommend filling the entire Kong with wet dog food, placing the kong in a plastic bag, then put the Kong in the Freezer Until completely frozen. For most dogs this will take them about 15 to 60 mins to completely work through. When compared to the five seconds it takes your dog to eat their food out of their bowl this is far more entertaining and enjoyable.

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Black Kong

Black Kong's are the same thing as the Red Kong's except that they are made for extremely destructive chewers. So if your dog has been destroying Red Kong's you might want to give Black Kong's a try.

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Water Buffalo Horn

Water Buffalo Horns are another great option for a food dispensing toy. Treat it the same as a Kong. Stuff with wet dog food, freeze, then give to your when you need a break or they need some entertainment!