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Not Coming When Called

Why won't my dog come when called?

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This is almost always an easy answer. From your dog's perspective, you're either boring or mean.

Your Rebuttal

I can hear you now. "No I'm not! I love my dog!!" I know you do. Think about this for just one second, though - your parents probably loved you when you were a teenager, but you likely thought they were boring and/or mean (or at least you knew other teenagers who thought their parents were boring and/or mean).

Just think about! You can argue with me about it later, but just think about it right now. 

Most the time people call their dog to them, it's to get the dog away from something... a something the dog was probably having a great time with (i.e. boring).

Sometimes people will call their dog to them in order to punish them (i.e. mean). A good example of this is a dog chews something up the owner finds it and calls the dog to them to punish them.

My Recommendation?

My simple recommendation is to make sure that your dog has a good time when they come when called. 

Need Help?

I get it, it's easier said than done. Just reach out when you want help with training your dog to think you're the bee's knees. It's simple, but it does take some good timing and consistent training. I can help you get started with it - reach out today!

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