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Leashes and Collars

15 Foot Long Leash

Long Leashes are a must if you eventually want to move onto long distance recalls and off leash control. 

Order your 15 Foot Long Leash by clicking on the image!

Slip Lead

Slip leads are my favorite type of leash. Let me explain why in a story.

I had a corgi/cattle dog/sheltie mix that had an AMAZING recall (come) command on her. I mean it was literally 100% perfect, basically bullet proof. I was on a walk with Grey Dog (that was her name) when a truck back fired. Grey dog was wearing a regular collar which she slipped out of because she was scared by the care back firing. Grey dog then ran across two lanes of traffic and thankfully made it to the other side where I was able to safely get her back on leash. 

Had Grey Dog been wearing a slip lead the leash would have tightened around her neck which would have made it impossible for her to escape when the truck back fired. While Grey Dog didn't get hit by a car that day she very easily could have. To me slip leads are my worst case scenario back ups. 

*If you have no interest in actually leash training your dog I don't recommend the slip lead as a dog that is constantly pulling on the slip lead will be constantly choking themselves and potentially damaging their trachea.  

Slip Collar

Do you already have a leash that you like but you want to make sure your dog can't slip out of their collar? A slip collar is right for you then. Remember just like a slip lead your only going to want to use this if you know your going to quickly get your dog leash trained. An untrained dog on the end of a slip could be bad for the dogs health!