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Beginner Commands

The book you need for owning and raising any puppy. You'll learn and be able to easily apply:

  • sit
  • down
  • stay
  • place
  • loose-leash walking
  • heel
  • come
  • getting on and off furniture
  • go

As a bonus (and most importantly), Steve covers the Golden Rules for training and raising a puppy. These 17 rules will ensure that you have a well-trained, attentive, and loving puppy and future adult dog.

Important Note:
This book is meant to be used AFTER the housebreaking book is used. The books build on one another. You can access Housebreaking Your Puppy Before Your Puppy Breaks Your House by clicking right here!

Still not sure?! 

Read an excerpt from Beginner Commands right here:

"Puppy training is done in steps. In the beginning, the steps may seem simple or unnecessary, but they will eventually lead you to your goal of a well-behaved and trained dog. The beginner steps in puppy training can be compared to teaching a child to read and write. Even though your end goal is for the child to read, write, and eventually get a good job, learning how to pronounce one letter at a time may seem simple or unnecessary. However, as a general rule of thumb, you can’t get a good job if you can’t read or write, and you can’t read and write if you don’t know basic letters. 

We all know this intuitively with our children. However, most people forget to apply this logic to their puppies, which is why I wrote this book. This book will cover the steps that it takes to learn basic commands. These basic commands will also help you to easily teach other, more complicated commands (you can’t become a lawyer without first learning how to read and write).

In reading this book you may find yourself thinking, “Why does my puppy need to know how to do that?” or “My puppy doesn’t have an issue with that, so I don’t need to train it.” While I will do my best to cover those types of thoughts in this book, just remember that when in doubt, it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

I promise I didn’t put any fluff or busy work in here, and saying that your “puppy doesn’t have an issue with that” is like looking at your kid in a lawyer’s desk and saying, “My kid doesn’t need to know how to read and write; they’re already a qualified lawyer.” Your kid isn’t a qualified lawyer at five and chances are, your puppy is probably accidentally behaving well (its behavior will change as it ages), or you don’t have enough puppy knowledge to know how to spot a tiny red flag when you see one. I simply ask that you trust that the steps in this book will help you get the great puppy and future adult dog you’ve always wanted."

Still not sure?!

That's fine. We get it. You want to make sure you're getting the best information for raising and training your puppy. That's why Steve is giving away TWO books for FREE. You can access:

Both are on the house. That's how sure we are that you're going to love them and benefit from them.

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