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Advanced Commands

In this book, you'll build on your knowledge from Beginner Commands and teach your dog how to act and behave when you:

  • answer the door
  • greet people on walks
  • pass other dogs, squirrels, and rabbits on walks
  • eat at an outdoor diner
  • walk through a pet store
  • ride a bike
  • visit someone else's house
  • use a treadmill
  • behave in a car

Not convinced?

Here's an excerpt from the book:

"In this book, you’ll learn how to utilize the beginner commands in ways that are useful to both you and your puppy. If you and your puppy haven’t mastered the beginner commands, there is no point in attempting anything in this book. By this point, you should know when and when not to reward, and you should remember to release your puppy after commands, so I’m not going to cover that since you can refer to Beginner Commands for that info.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, this book is way more about the how-to of training and specific steps you’ll need to take, rather than the foundations for puppies, housebreaking, or the psychology behind your relationship with your dogs. Understand that all are important, but only advanced training is the focus of this book. Additionally, if you haven’t read Beginner Commands or mastered the training in it, please take some time to do so before diving into advanced commands. I’m going to be building on concepts in that first book.

I’m not wasting any space or time with this book and am going to get straight into advanced commands. Make sure to read thoroughly and implement all the steps for the most effective results. Continue growing your bond with your dog through ongoing training. The more well trained your dog, the more socialization, affection, and experience they get."

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