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Dog Training | Columbia and Jefferson City, Mo

Private dog training and puppy training in Columbia, Mo and Jefferson City, Mo. Training for loose leash walking, basic obedience, potty training, and more!

Here for the Dogs | Dog and Puppy training 

We offer Personalized, Private, at-home Dog Training and Puppy training in Columbia, Mo and Jefferson City, Mo.


Our Mission

The mission of Here for the Dogs is give dog owners the control over the training process. I don't come into your home and tell you what to do. I come in to your home and by explain the pros and cons of the different training styles and techniques. Then I  help you decide What training style and techniques will fit you and your dog best.

It's my dream to create a community of like-minded dog owners who all have the goal of having well-trained and behaved dogs that they can take anywhere. 

About Steve

Here for the Dogs's Owner and Dog Trainer, Steve Vossenkemper. Read more and see if he sounds like a fit for your needs!

Contact us

Reach out by clicking here if you have any questions about training or services, or if you want to get something scheduled with Steve!


I have four basic services: Quick Fix Training, First Year Puppy Program, In-Depth Adult Dog Program, and Assistance Picking Out Your Next Dog!