Here for the Dogs | Dog Training

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

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"Help! I don't know what to do. My dog..."

  • is pulling on leash
  • keeps growling at other dogs
  • is peeing everywhere in the house
  • won't stop barking and it's driving me crazy
  • snapped at a stranger/men/our neighbor's kids
  • is afraid of everything
  • has separation anxiety
  • runs circles in the yard nonstop
  • acts fearful or neurotic (i.e. running in circles nonstop)

You're not the first person who's had one (or more) of these issues and you won't be the last!

This is where I can help.

Who am I?

I'm Steve Vossenkemper, founder and dog trainer with Here for the Dogs, LLC. I'm based out of Holts Summit, but do most of my training in Columbia and Jefferson City (and surrounding areas). I've handled aggressive dogs, fearful dogs, dominant dogs, playful dogs, puppies, multiple dog households, and more. 

How can I help?

If you've got a question, want to inquire about intensive training for extreme issues, or are ready to deal with the issue that's going on (and will probably continue if you don't do anything about it), then make sure to reach out here.

I've also got free videos here (this is where you can 'meet me' without technically meeting me). 
I've got cheap e-books here that details my views of (and some of my approach to) dog and puppy training.
And if you're ready to get to work, contact Steve to schedule a session right here

I'm looking forward to hearing from you and working with you and your dog(s)!